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Something really strange has been happening to the garden. I know that this winter is not particularly severe, and in other places winter here would be considered spring, or even summer (in, like, Siberia).

Nevertheless, it is still cold, especially at night when temperatures drop. But instead of going dormant like they did last year, the garden is in FULL BLOOM.

It was delightful at first but now it is starting to get creepy.

Exhibit A: Our lime tree, which is virtually exploding in flowers and fruits. Did anyone pump this with fertilizer without my knowledge?!?!?!
lime tree flowers in winter

Exhibit B: The kalanchoe blossfeldiana (otherwise known as that bushy thing with the pink flowers) has also exploded in a profusion of flowers.
kalanchoe blossfeldiana in winter

Exhibit C: Flapjack kalanchoe which was on the verge of death last year, very happy and fat, albeit a little bruised from a hail storm.

kalanchoe thyrsiflora in winter

And Exhibit D: Our monster money tree which, I believe, will soon grow legs and climb out of its pot.
money tree in winter

It’s the ultimate garden mystery.


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