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soap and tomatoes

I have a penchant for eating tomatoes; uncooked, with a little salt and vinegar. It is something that I learned from my mother at an early age, and I’ve carried it into adulthood. Unfortunately, the Babii does not seem to have inherited this penchant for tomatoes and vinegar, even though I ate them a lot when I was pregnant with her.

My mother taught me to always wash the tomatoes with soap and water, but it never registered fully until I started doing my own groceries.

R and I go to a local farmers’ market at least once a month. The food there is cheaper, although it takes a little more effort to go through each stall, walking the entire length of the street where the market is located, and picking out the meat, poultry, fish, etc.

There I saw fruits and vegetables falling off stands, rolling on the ground, and put back onto their shelves for customers to buy.

So now I more conscientious about washing my food. Again, it takes a little more effort. But a few extra minutes spent at the sink is waaaaaay better than a few hours spent in the emergency room for food poisoning (trust me, I’ve been there).


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