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A sleeping cat, that is.

Cat in the Pot

Here’s wishing life would be this easy this year. 😀


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I have.

As I have mentioned before, our neighborhood is infested with stray cats. The neighbors feed them and they don’t do much damage, except to poop in our garden and wake us all up with their mating cries. Then we have more cats that the neighbors feed and the cycle goes on….


We have an inordinate amount of black and white cats who are obviously related to each other. This one could have passed for our overly friendly and eager cat visitor, except that it had a MOUSTACHE. I am not kidding.

Cat with a Moustache


Whenever I see them lounging around, I always think of Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds, cat version.

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Fat Cat

It always hangs out in our garden and gives me intense stares as if it’s trying to tell me something.

I remember one of Neil Gaiman’s stories where a stray cat comes to live with a family, and each day the father notices that the cat has new wounds. Then one night, he stayed up to spy on the cat and realized that each night, the cat defended the family from a demon trying to enter the house.

That’s one creepy story.

How did I even get here? I just wanted to say that this cat seems to like us very much. But it likes the piggies best of all…. with a side salad…. 😛

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I know it seemed like there was only one cat making frequent…er… visits to our garden, but the truth is we have a plethora of them, both strays and from our neighbors. In the summer we are plagued by slugs. In winter, cats.

Today another frequent visitor, let’s call her Ginger, stopped by to…..er…. visit the piggies. Ginger is very fluffy, playful, and cute. At first she pretended to roll around in the sun……

Sunning himself quite happily

Keeping an eye on the piggies?
But of course we all know she only wants one thing…..

Mudbud faints
Like its larger relatives, Ginger waits patiently…… while I sit freezing on the floor, camera in hand…. When the piggies finally notice her, Mudbud faints. Or falls asleep. It’s hard to tell.

Ginger makes his move
And then! She moves in for the kill…..

Trying to get in
Cat: “Erm, little pigs, little pigs, let me in!”
Piggies: “Squeak!”

Pretending to sleep
Cat: “Hmmmm, I got it! Maybe if I pretend to be asleep they will come out.”

Cat: “Nope! They’re just too yummy! Come here little pigs!”

Come here little piggies....
Piggies: “Can someone help us out here? We are so NOT having fun.”

What are you staring at?
At this point the Shnufflebubby started shrieking: “My piggies! My piggies!” leading Ginger the Cat to give us a long, hard stare…. walk towards us to stare some more…… and jump over the garden wall.

Hasta la vista, kitty cat!

(This story is brought to you by: Too Much Sugar in the Cookies, with cameo appearances of: Our Laundry)

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