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Light and Shade

Christmas Lights

I’m a sucker for lights. I love the way it bounces off things, the way its casts shadows, the way it can change and create mood.

I know my camera skills leave much to be desired, but I always chase after those elusive light shots.


We lit these sparklers a few minutes after midnight, New Year 2011. Sparklers always make me think of fairies.

Red Lantern

This lantern casts a nice glow in an alley in our neighborhood…..

Candles at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

But candles are my favorite.

New Year Candles

Their glow gives an aura of warmth, and depending on the context, it could also be romantic….

Nazareth oil lamps

I read somewhere that candles are supposed to be doorways to the spirit world….

Holy Thursday Candles at Pater Noster

I’m not so sure about that, but candles always give me a feeling of peace.


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