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This was not an easy year, for many obvious reasons. But it was another year of learning, another year with people I love. And there is so much to be thankful for, such as:

1. Loving family and friends. There are no words to explain it.

2.A wonderful spouse.

3. An equally wonderful, kind, intelligent and loving daughter.

4.The ability to meet our family’s needs and indulge a few of our wants.

5. New skills, such as managing a website, curing meats, and gardening.

6. Good health insurance, and a good institution that gives my family the opportunity to have that insurance.

7. Surprises. The kind that make you laugh and bring tears of joy to your eyes.

8. Writing, which lets me blow off steam and focus on the positive.

9. Amazing and inspiring role models.

10. Music, for the soundtrack of my life. (I will get to that one of these days.)

11. God. The Universe. The All-Knowing, All-Seeing. Thanks for everything.


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Going back to the never-ending saga of my eggs….

I was diagnosed a couple of months ago with a cyst on my right ovary which, apparently, caused it to stop functioning and render me temporarily infertile. Yes. Hmmm. Men who are uncomfortable with this topic, leave now.

You have been warned.

It appears that the first doctor I went to, yes the one of miscarriage infamy, had already spotted it last year but did not see fit to tell me. And no, I never went back to her again.

This time around I had two male doctors, both of whom came highly recommended by people I respect. The first one dealt with the miscarriage aftermath and diagnosed me, the second performed the laparoscopy under my health insurance.

What is a laparoscopy exactly? You can read the medical definition here.

In my experience, the doctors made three small incisions: on my left side, right side, and at my belly button where they inserted the camera (I know—gross—my poor belly button!). Then they proceeded to remove the cyst and a host of adhesions in the area using the camera to guide them. This method is supposed to be better than an actual laparotomy, where they make a big cut and expose your organs for the naked eye to see. (Ok, much too graphic now….)

R kept offering to show me pictures of what they would do to my belly button and I would go, NO. NO, NO, NO.

Ignorance is blissssss……

Perhaps as the universe’s way of making up for that entire medical fiasco a few months ago, everything went smoothly, from the pre-operation, operation, and post-op stage. The staff were very attentive and in 24 hours I was sent home with my stitches but no antibiotics and pain killers. Whatever they stuck into my IV must have been some kind of wonder drug. (There was a little pain but not enough to warrant pain killers.)

I know people’s experiences vary, but having undergone a C-section which subsequently popped open nine years ago (I fired the yaya and did the laundry less than a month after giving birth— let’s not go there), this was a walk in the park.

The hardest part was getting out of bed, going to the toilet and avoiding looking at the stitches. (Yes, I’m a wuss.)

The first few hours I had nothing but tea (it tastes fantastic when you’re famished), then later on graduated to yogurt, oatmeal, lugaw, arroz caldo, and finally solid food.

Of course, it helped that I was pampered by R and the Babii, and had an endless supply of ice cream, movies, and George R.R. Martin. Anyone wondering how I read the entire Westeros saga in two weeks, now you know.

And the biopsy verdict? Simple endometriosis. (Yes, I know it’s not THAT simple, but it could have been worse.)

Things I learned along the way:

1. Do your research before committing to a specific doctor. I made the mistake of going with Wonder Woman because “she’s with X hospital, so she must be good.” So. Over. That. Ask people you know about their experiences with their doctors. Google is your friend.

2. Prepare your home and work place for changes during your recovery time. This is an excellent way to ensure that your recovery would be comfortable and stress-free. Feel free to give overzealous work colleagues the evil eye when they try to dump work on you during your recovery. Invoke the RA 9710 Magna Carta of Women (Yes, women are entitled to benefits under this law). Or just lay off the email and mobile phone.

3. A one-day tea only fast can work wonders. 😀

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Onward, ever onward

I’m a big fan of of moving forward. It was the theme of the first Full Metal Alchemist movie:“We have to move forward, because we have no choice”— Edward Elric (It sounded much better in Japanese).

It was also one of the first lessons taught by Zedd the wizard to Richard Cypher in Legend of the Seeker (Season 1): “In this life we cannot move backwards, only forward.”

They have one thing in common: they both did not stay faithful to their respective books! Bah. But I loved watching them just the same.

I know that things can’t be undone, and I know that we all need to move on with our lives. But moving on is a lot easier in theory, and not so clear cut in practice.

At the soonest opportunity I threw myself into work, and it helped to keep my mind on other things.

I don’t like wallowing, but I do find myself doing that from time to time. I try to indulge myself, because I don’t want to bottle it up inside only to have it burst out via a nervous breakdown a few years down the road. At the same time I have to watch out that I don’t wallow too much, because it’s just too damn painful and it’s a quicksand that could easily pull you down irreversibly.

Can I get any vaguer?

It’s just hard to come to grips that we — I — lost something so precious. And inevitably I blame myself. Each day I try to get over it, get over the drama, get over myself.

Life goes on. I have a wonderful family and we are truly blessed. Life is beautiful.

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Night Market Goodies

Every summer, Thursday nights mean the summer night market. It is an excellent time to view the work of local artists and learn how to control your spending urges. Or not.

R likes to say that the best way to deal with temptation is to give in to it. In this case, the Babii kindly bought something for me because I didn’t want to be seen buying from the same stall twice in less than ten minutes. 😀 (I changed my mind after I paid, ok?)

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Facebook Status: Offline

My friends (I mean, my real friends) have probably noticed by now that I barely go on Facebook these days. A lot has been happening in the past month, and it just came to a point where I preferred to spend more time with real people in real time than spend hours in front of the computer (which I do enough of already).

The result has been quite liberating, and it reaffirmed my theory that there are many things in life we can do without, but which a lot of savvy marketing has indoctrinated us to think we can’t.

Unfortunately, some of my Facebook “friends” are taking it personally that I haven’t been making my presence felt. It’s too bad, really. But I’m still enjoying my Facebook-less status and I intend to keep it up for some time. In the end, I might even delete my account altogether. 🙂

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Just checking in

I know, I know, it’s been aaaaaaages…..

Meanwhile, potatoes have been mashed.

Mashed Potatoes

Fajitas have been wrapped, eaten, re-heated, and eaten again.

Chicken Fajita

And a restaurant has been opened.

Restaurant Story



Any other restaurant will take a few years in the making. Meanwhile, I will do “simulation exercises” on the iPad.

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Rabbit Season

It’s the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rabbit!

(For some strange reason, I keep hearing the Bugs Bunny-Daffy Duck dialogue where they keep yelling: “Rabbit season!” “Duck season!” “Rabbit season!”)

Forecasts say I will have half a good year and half a not-so good year. But in all the past predictions where astrologers said I would have a bad year, things turned out pretty ok. And in the years that they said things would be great, things were pretty tough. So I’d rather take it one day at a time, wabbit.

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