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How I write

I know it seems like I do nothing but cook, garden, and blog. In an ideal world, that would be my ideal job.

I wrote before about some friends who tend to sulk when they write to me and I don’t write back right away, because they see that blog posts continue to appear and if I have time to blog, then I should have time to answer emails. Fair enough.

The truth though is that I rarely have time to sit down at a computer and write at my leisure. I take all sorts of pictures whenever I have the camera with me, and just store them all for future reference. When I do get some time to sit at the computer, I upload them and write as much as I can. Then I simply schedule my posts to appear automatically. And voila! It’s not rocket science.

work stationCamping out at R’s workstation. My computer is a nomad. And yes, that is a half-eaten apple on the far right.


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The year in review

To make a long story short, this was the year 2010. Serious efforts towards eating healthier, homemade food, and some efforts towards documenting them.

This was also a year of trying to write again, and although some work still needs to be done about making my output more consistent, I’d have to say I’m pretty relieved I didn’t fizzle out this time. (Ha! I wonder about next year.)

It is at this time of the year when I normally list down a lot of my very specific goals, but this year I’ll keep that list for myself.

Instead, I wish for the continued well-being and happiness of my family. I wish for continued guidance towards the future. I wish for the inner peace to help me follow what is right over what other people think. I wish for the courage to make mistakes. And I wish for clarity to never lose sight of myself.

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