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It has always been my policy not to talk about work on this site, but I will make an exception for R’s creation which has made my life loads and loads easier.

This is not your standard work-issued computer. The one I had was always conking out due to all the graphics, tables and charts I had to make (who woulda thunk, eh?), so R made me my own computer. At personal expense, I may add.

R is the family geek, with a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering to prove it. He would have given me a monster of a computer, except that I don’t do gaming and I have a budget. So something that was secure (specifically, not Microsoft), suited to my work requirements and within budget was just fine.

He came up with a dual monitor set-up that I’ve been using for the past two years. Specs (as dictated by the computer master) as follows:

AMD Athlon II X3 455

Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H

Samsung 2x2GB RAM

Sparkle NVDIA 900GT 1GB

320GB WD Caviar Blue

Corsair CX430 PSU

Cooler Master Elite


Level One Wireless Adapter

Dual Monitor

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


Haha! Does anyone understand what all these means? Because I sure don’t!

As far as I am concerned, as long as it runs and makes my gazillion papers without freezing, I’m good.

On another note, that desk is a mess.


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This is it. It has to stop.

I don’t do anything but stare at you, caress you with my fingertips, and hold you close. You are the first thing I grab in the morning and the last thing I hold at night. Throughout the day I have to constantly check on you and in return, you give me a headache and watery eyes. I lose track of time and my husband and I are reduced to fighting over you in the most illogical manner.

“Get your own iPad!” “I don’t want another iPad, I want YOUR iPad!”

Yes, you are the third party in this relationship.

The end of my iPad love affair

I got you five months ago because I thought you would be easier for me to use when I am traveling or in bed. And now I find it so difficult because …. I use you while I am traveling or in bed.

(Oops, bedtime! Let me just check Twitter one last time…. and Facebook…. and Gmail…. and YM…. and my restaurant/bakery/farm/bug village…. and Gmail, one last time! And my friend’s blog. And this other friend’s blog. And WordPress… Yes, I exhaust even myself.)


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I’ve never been one to chase after fads. I know what works for me and what doesn’t, and just because the whole herd has jumped off the cliff doesn’t mean I would be happier jumping off after them. (Yes, I know, I am mataray and masungit.)

Everyone’s been jumping on the Apple bandwagon. Well, most of the people I know have bought Apple gadgets, so even though R insists it’s just a niche market, it seems like everyone to me.

When the iPhone and the iPad first came out, I thought to myself that they seemed like pretty cool gadgets, but not practical since we had more computers and mobile phones than people in our house. Literally. Even when my two sisters bought iPads last year and I tried them out, the need for it wasn’t really there.

This year, however, a lot factors made me reconsider. First was work: I noticed that I was carrying too many papers, pens and notebooks. It was ruining my bag (ha! vanity!), and since I don’t buy bags until the last one is on its last breath, it was a major concern.

Second, still on work, there have been many occasions when I needed to take notes, check facts on the Internet, and message a colleague some distance from me without drawing attention.

Third, chatting with my sisters at night became an almost daily habit. At first I lugged the laptop to bed with me, but it was unwieldy and the heat was frying my eggs. Then I switched to my phone, but the screen was so small and the IM application so cumbersome, I would end up with blurry vision and a headache most times.

The iPad would have been ideal for all these reasons, but I held out for so long because I thought the expense was simply unjustifiable. Then a few months ago we received a notice that we could get the iPad 2 at no interest, for twelve payments. It was one of those rare moments when I actually welcomed advertising, but I still held out. It was R, who was so sick and tired of being the sounding board on my iPad thoughts, who said For the love of G*d put yourself out of your misery and get the frigging iPad.

So what’s the verdict?



=D  Nuninuninuni….

Seriously speaking, the iPad is for entertainment (games, videos), communication (email, IM, social networking), and fill-in-the-gaps work while you’re on the road or can’t get to a real computer (ha! “real computer.” Take that, Steve Jobs!).

Do your back a favor. It is not going to be fun hunched over the tablet and typing out your thesis or even just a one-page essay.

I’ve tried to blog on it, just as an experiment, and using either the WordPress app or Safari is like trying to find your way around a cardboard box. It looks good, but some things just don’t work (such as up/down/left/right arrows! How the f* am I supposed to scroll down this tiny box?!?).

As I said, the iPad only works well for entertainment and communication. For real work, it’s still my laptop or desktop for me. But I suppose the iPad would also do if you want some kind of psychological barrier between you and a certain person you don’t want to entertain. Kunwari busy. =D

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