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Friday Family Date

Allow me first to be a stage mother and display my overwhelming pride through this photo:


If a picture paints a thousand words, this one would say: “Stop! Or Imma whup yo ass.” (Stage mother alert! Stage mother alert! Evacuate the building!)

A few Fridays a month we take private arnis lessons with Master Jon Escudero. It’s one of the family bonding things we do, which at the same time teaches the Babii the importance of learning to defend herself. It’s a tough world, and as much as we would like to, there will be times when we will not be around to protect her.

It is also a wonderful way for Babii to learn about Filipino culture. For those who are not familiar with arnis, it is an indigenous Filipino martial art which was used as far back as the time of Lapu-Lapu. Yes, the Spaniards (including Magellan) were defeated in 1521 via arnis— how cool is that? The era of Lapu-Lapu is actually the earliest written account (to my knowledge), but arnis most probably dates way before that. I am not an expert in arnis history so I can’t say for sure. What I do know is that it is now the national sport by virtue of Republic Act 9850.

Practicing wtih Master Jon EscuderoPracticing blocks with Master Jon

So far, the Babii has taken to it very well. She is the one who keeps tabs on whether we practice or not (most likely not), and now that she has her own sticks, she has a stronger attachment to the sport and is even more kulit.

I take this as a good sign, because a few years ago we had a long conversation about fighting in school.

Me: “If someone hits you, hit them back. Don’t worry if the school will call us about it; you have to fight back or else those kids will never stop.” (I know, bad mother!)

Babii: “But… but it’s better to forgive!” (Okay kid, you need lessons in aggression.)

 Do you see this stick, Tito Jon?Do you see this stick, Tito Jon? Rarrrrrrr.

Unfortunately, her aggression only lasts as long as our arnis lesson.

Anyway, so far, no kid has tried to hit her (except that one who bit her a long time ago–hence the lecture), but it’s good to be prepared.


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Our ass-kicking roots, to be more specific.

My two arnisadors practicing their forms late one night =)

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