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This question has confused me endlessly.

You can search on Google, but you’ll just end up with conflicting answers.


What I do know, though, is that my coriander plant is in trouble.

Think the flowers are pretty? They are actually an indication that the plant is bolting due to stress and may likely kick the bucket soon.

This is my second coriander plant. The first one croaked because it was moved around too much (re-potted about three times). This one looked dead last winter, but when I saw a green leaf poke out I moved it indoors where it flourished. Until now.

I love coriander and I hate having to buy a whole bunch and letting it wilt in the fridge when I just need a few.

Help! What should I do?!?!


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weeds in the garden

This is what our garden looked like at the start of spring. The Babii loved it. And so did the piggies.

 weeds and piggies

Oh, this is just like the rain forests of Peru!!!!

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succulent flowers

Just when we thought that winter was nearly over, it rained and hailed and rained some more.

We are back to single digit temperatures (better than zero, I suppose) and everything is just gray and gloomy. But not the flowers. They are blooming like spring is already here….

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crassula twins

I had cut off the top of this crassula because it was growing roots and replanted it elsewhere. A few months later, this popped up.

Interesting. It will present some issues when it grows bigger, but now it looks quite interesting. Freakish, but interesting.

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Car Repairs

It’s that time of the year again when our car is due for registration and inspection. It’s a lot of hassle going to the various offices to get papers and signatures, all for that highly esteemed sticker, but it does make us aware of things that need to be fixed and in the end it keeps us all safe.

This year we had to change the front plate, which was banged up during an accident (another story for the books), the brake hose, and align a misaligned headlight (also from the same accident).

Cars are R’s turf, so I just tagged along to give him credit card moral support.

At our last stop for the headlight, I was my usual nosy self and started dissecting the tangled plants outside the garage:

Is this balatong?

Wait…. is that what I think it is?

It is! It is balatong!

It is! It is what I think it is!

I was so excited I found a real live balatong (string bean) plant, I started taking pictures.

Okay, okay, I was also thinking of how I could manage to bring home some seeds for the garden. (I’m a seed bandit, so sue me.)

Perhaps reading my less-than-noble thoughts, the owner of the garage came out, plucked two dried pods and gave them to me.

This is one of those moments where common interests transcend language, because I actually understood from him that one seed alone bore that entire tangle of vines climbing up the electric wires. (Okay, safety hazard alert.)

While I was still feeling pretty pleased with myself, R came out and said that the owner’s son actually told his father that there was a weird lady taking pictures of the beans.

So much for my charms.

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purple flowers

Even though we don’t know what they’re called. (As long as it’s not carnivorous and not poison ivy, that is.)

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The planting or propagating of anything in our garden usually begins with some form of research. In this case, we were just eating a bunch of very juicy lychees and decided we would include them in the batch of seeds pending propagation. Just for the heck of it.

Until now, I haven’t gotten around to reading up on the proper conditions for lychee-growing. But the seeds did grow (hurrah!) and once it gets sturdier we will be moving it to the back garden. We probably won’t be here long enough to taste the fruits of this tree, but it will be our gift to our landlady and to the next tenants of this house.

I also did read somewhere that one of our life goals should be to plant a tree. We’ve planted more than our quota already, but we are not stopping. 🙂

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