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A Daily Dose of Cats

There are always cats, wherever we go. These two were having a late afternoon romp on our driveway.

Cats at Home


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Wondering what to do with all that leftover Christmas ham? Do it the Negrense way: fried with caramelized sugar:

ham and spam

How to do it: coat both sides of sliced ham with sugar, preferably brown. Heat a pan on the stove and add enough oil to coat the bottom. Fry the ham until the sugar caramelizes to your desired color/consistency. Remember to keep the fire low to avoid burning the sugar. Serve with hot rice.

Cleaning up hint: keep the stove running and pour a few cups of water into the pan. As the water simmers and comes to a boil, scrape the bottom and sides of the pan. The caramelized sugar will come off easily. (Of course, you can do it at a later time, such as AFTER you eat all the carbs and cholesterol— Whee! Exercise!)

Cleaning the pan is hell, but the the ham and the calories are all worth it.

Best served with a side of scrambled eggs. Also good for lunch or dinner.

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Following our visit to the Negros Museum, we went for a walk at the Provincial Capitol Lagoon.

 Lagoon Run for Unity Flash Mob

We were treated to a flash mob dancing to promote the “Run for Unity” activity, most probably sponsored by the province. The dancers were lounging around, pretending to be all sorts of people, one of them a jogging man with a box head:

Run for Unity man with boxhead

That sure got my attention.

We were hungry after all that excitement, and went straight to the Dunkin Donuts store across the street. This store has been at the corner of 6th and Lacson St. for ages.

The Dunkin Donuts staff gamely allowed me to take a picture of the donuts. It was already almost six o’clock in the evening, and they were out of my favorite Choco Web.

Dunkin Donuts

My next favorite would be the Ham and Cheese Bunwich with an egg. R ordered his favorite BLT Bunwich (also with egg), while the Babii got the Tuna Bunwich with cheese. This was her introduction to Dunkin Donuts.

Dunkin Donuts bunwichThree bunwiches for three different personalities

As I have previously observed in other establishments, the portions are noticeably smaller. The Bunwich is no exception. Sigh, this is a reflection of economic times, more than anything else.

One thing that remained the same, however, was the coffee. Dunkin Donuts has the “cheapest best coffee,” with the exception of La Corona Cafe near the Burgos market, at P35 (US$0.80) a cup.

Dunkin Donuts coffee

The total bill for three bunwiches and drinks: P280 (US$6.40). It is simple pleasures (read: cheap) like these that I truly miss abroad.

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One of my most favorite songs, from the Muppets:

A little late, but very much applicable for the year ahead. Happy New Year, everyone!

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A sleeping cat, that is.

Cat in the Pot

Here’s wishing life would be this easy this year. 😀

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