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Back in the groove

I haven’t been cooking as much as I usually do, but today I felt a strong need to de-congest the pantry and the fridge, which had been stocked by loads of stuff due to a dinner party we had last week. Thinking of all that left over cans of mushroom, cream, and some week-old bread, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

 Pasta and Bruschetta

We haven’t had cream and mushroom pasta in a while, and it was a welcome change from various incarnations of chicken (heh, long story). To balance off the richness of the pasta sauce, I also made a tomato and basil bruschetta from the leftover bread and cherry tomatoes.

We have bushes of basil in the garden and it is just so nice to go out, pick a few leaves, and make a totally simple but delicious dish.

This isn’t a cooking blog and to tell the truth, I don’t really follow exact measurements when cooking (unless I’m baking), so I don’t think I would be a reliable source on how to cook things.

Anyway we had a good lunch, made even better with some ice cold soda (so much for balance). There’s some sauce left, so I know I’ll be having a good lunch at work next week, unless someone beats me to the pasta this weekend, that is.


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Tea Time, Babii style

While I had some bed rest, the Babii spent most of her free time by my side watching Masterchef Australia. Inspired at one point, she offered to make tea and makis (our lazy version). How could I turn down such an offer?

She toddled off to the kitchen and came back with this:

Tea Time

She had broken out our Japanese tea set and made sweet tea. And after watching us so many times, she finally made her own tuna maki:

The Babii's first maki

Not bad. Now if she could only remember to do the dishes afterwards…. 😀

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Pie. Chicken pie.

chicken pie

Back home, people of my generation like to use the word “chicken” to express how easy a task is. Sometimes it is also used to imply that no matter how daunting something is, it could be overcome.

Your boss asking ten thousand things to be done yesterday? Chicken! Are you broke? Chicken!

Today’s generation now uses the word keri, which I totally cannot relate to, so I am not even going there.

In preparation for the road ahead (may it be short), I made some Chicken! pie.

(I know, the seams need work, but I was tired and it was the first time I returned to the kitchen in two weeks.)

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Two weeks, four doctors and three hospitals later…..

We have not had time to mourn properly because the entire hospital experience overshadowed everything else. Unfortunate and unfair, but that’s life.

Thanks to good friends, we found another doctor who shared our concerns (i.e. the length of time I was going without treatment) and was willing to do the medical procedure as soon as possible.

We are taking away so many lessons from this experience. There is certainly the bad, but there was also good. We are endlessly thankful to all our family and friends who came together to help us through this difficult time.

I wish I could say something more poetic or sentimental, but the truth is that I’ve always considered certain parts of my life unfit for public consumption. Grief is one of them.

Now that the physical part is over, it’s time for us to concentrate on getting our life back together and moving on.

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I know that there are worse things in life, but it does not make my pain less significant or less real.

Last week I was looking forward to finally making the long-awaited announcement that we were going to have another baby. That the Babii would finally have a sibling. That after nine long years, our prayers were answered.

Then exactly nine days ago, I started spotting. Nothing to worry about, according to my doctors. Spotting is normal during the first trimester. I rested for one day and went back to work.

Then I started bleeding and cramping. An ultrasound revealed what I believed to be unthinkable: our baby had no heartbeat.

There are no words to describe the pain and the shock, to my body, my mind and my heart. There are no answers to the questions how and why.

I know that my case is not unique and that the world has bigger problems to think about. But what followed after this was a medical nightmare.

Back in the Philippines, medical protocols for such cases are taken for granted. Women undergo the necessary medical procedures within 48 hours (i.e. Dilation and curettage). Apparently, that does not apply here.

For personal reasons I have decided to withhold the details for now, but I would just like to say that I shouldn’t have to pull rank or announce my position just to get standard emergency medical attention. I shouldn’t have to go into hysterics or make a scene, I shouldn’t have to beg because all doctors have sworn the Hippocratic oath.

Or is that an outdated concept?

I never asked for special treatment, I just wanted medical treatment.

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