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I’ve been craving chocolate these past few days. Since I got Saturday off and weekends are very often baon-making time, I decided to try making Home Cooking Rocks! Self-frosting Nutella Cupcakes.

As usual, I asked SB to help me, and she is always happy to oblige (stirring around strange, gooey substances– check!). The cupcakes were done in no time and came out quite lovely (albeit overflowing). SB went a little toothpick-happy when stirring in the frosting. And HB complained there wasn’t enough Nutella in the bottom (uhm, because it’s frosting?).

nutella cupcakes after

Out of the original 12 cupcakes I had two hours ago I now have six left. Methinks I have to hide these if I plan to send SB to school with them on Monday X(.


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Things have been pretty hectic for the past few months that I haven’t been able to do much in terms of cooking and storing food that the Shnufflebubby can take to school. And I take this very seriously, because as a child I brought home-cooked meals to school until I reached high school, and I credit that for my general good health up to the present (and my IQ, which isn’t genius level, but good enough).

As much as possible, we avoid eating processed food at home. We started making a conscious effort at the beginning of 2010, and it was pretty easy (for us anyway). I’ve never been much of a soda drinker (hyperacidity), not much of a chips eater, and except for that brief interlude in college/grad school where budget dictated a regular diet of canned tuna and instant noodles, I am not much of a noodle fan either. HB grew up in a similar household where food was made from scratch, and because he was a little spoiled, would even have hot lunch delivered to him in school (yes, I just had to put THAT in =P).

We do indulge occasionally on chips, Coca Cola and some other stuff, because there’s just something oddly satisfying about junk food. But that does not happen even once in a quarter, more like once in six months. There are also some processed foods that we can’t avoid, like cheese. And Nutella. And ketchup. And milk. (I am NOT about to start milking my own cow, thank you.)

So what has my daughter been eating at school in the past few months? Thanks to ever-reliable MJ, she had alternating days of cheese sandwiches, Nutella sandwiches, apples and oranges, and tuna onigiri. She hasn’t been complaining, but when I made some cupcakes and empanada recently she was only too happy to sample them. She downed two huge cupcakes and started running around crazily while singing. In our household that is always a good sign.

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This cat. This cat.

I know it’s not a proper sentence. But this cat.

He seemed pretty harmless in the beginning. He liked to sun himself on the trellis outside our window. We would often find him sleeping there, or gracefully tiptoeing around our garden walls.

When the piggies were younger, he tried to sneak into the house (presumably to eat them). But he was foiled and it never happened again.

Then we got complacent and would let the piggies out everyday to run around in the backyard. For a few months they enjoyed it tremendously, always clucking happily when they were let out in the morning and hiding like mad when it was time to come in in the evenings.

Then on New Year’s Eve day, I popped my head out the door just to check on them and who should I see but this cat. This cat. All balled up and ready to pounce on the tender, poofy, and presumably very juicy Spartacus (squeak!). A few moments and a lot of hand waving, stomping and yelling later, this cat jumped from the ground and over the garden wall, but not before giving me a ‘WTF?!?” look. There goes his New Year’s meal.

A few days ago I caught him sleeping outside the window again. He gave me another nasty look when he heard the camera clicking, then he winked. He. Winked.

Cats are devious.

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Oh! The things you could do!

Wishing everyone more magic this year and all the years to come!


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