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Too Bold to Behave. NOT.

Promoted, originally uploaded by marie and her dune buggy.

I shouldn’t have brought up the reminder that I started this blog because of my driving issues. Because.


This week I had a major driving issue X( Brrrrr.

To make a long story short, HB had a minor accident. Thankfully it was only the front bumper and hood that was damaged, and not the person driving it. Physically, anyway. Mentally, uh, let’s just say he is going through an existential phase right now. But he will be fine.

So why is it a major driving issue???? Because. For six agonizing hours I thought that we would have to foot the bill for the repairs of an Audi A6 which, obviously, is not the car we own. And any disbursement of a huge amount of money is a major issue for me, regardless of the context.

As I said, the physical damage was not major. But it was a d*@# Audi A6!!!! HB knows how to pick his cars.

At the end of the day, I thank God for safe, sturdy cars and good insurance agents. We are not footing the bill for the Audi. I’ve been salivating after an A4 but after this incident I will never look at an Audi sedan the same way again.


Good bye, Audi.

How is the picture above related to any of this?

This was an accident I had early this year, when I let pedestrians cross (on the lane) and a lady rear ended me.

Thank God for sturdy cars.


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Just Drive

Ironically, this blog was supposed to be about driving.

I had learned to drive back home, but never actually got around to DRIVING. Maybe owning a car would have helped.

When I got here I HAD to drive because I got myself a car that sat in the garage, neglected and lonely. HB was still flying back and forth, SB needed to be brought to ballet class, and I was tired of lugging our huge market basket on the bus to and fro while jostling with all the locals. And so I did. I woke up one day and decided to drive. NOT.

Driving in a first world country is not like driving back home, obviously. And I was scared. I think, to a certain extent, I still am. Ever paranoid, I got myself a driving instructor. He probably thought I was very weird but humored me all the same. Our initial conversation went:

Me: “I need you to give me lessons.”
Him: “Do you have a license?”
Me: “Yes.”
Him: (puzzled pause)
Me: “I need lessons because I’m scared.”
Him: (even more puzzled) “What are you scared of?”
Me: “Other cars.”

We got along swimmingly, Ziki (the instructor) and I. Except when he would yell: “Gas! Gas! I can’t help you if you don’t step on the GAAAAASSSSS!!!!!”

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pandesal, originally uploaded by marie and her dune buggy.

I’ve been thinking of making pandesal for the longest time. And I mean the loooooongest time, but I was always thwarted by laziness. That, and ignorance of where to find yeast. And forgetting to ask the grocery clerks about it. Yes. I have memory “issues.” I blame the general anesthesia.

Anyway, I finally got around to getting the yeast. How? I asked HB to buy me some. Being the engineer that he is, he followed my instructions to the letter (i.e. “Ask Michael the clerk where the yeast is and get me a pack.”)

And today, in the midst of my frustration over being repeatedly defeated by zombies, I thought my time would be better spent making pandesal.

I followed a recipe courtesy of Market Manila. I think I actually put too much yeast, and had to double the initial mixture. The dough puffed up incredibly fast, around 30 minutes. In my excitement (Plants vs. Zombies all but forgotten), I rolled the dough, sprinkled with crumbs, cut up and popped them in the oven. Total preparation time: 2 hours. (It was tough going getting the dough to stick to each other and not to my fingers.)

The results: wonderfully puffy pandesal, crusty outside and soft inside, although a tad too heavy. (I knew I should have let it rise longer!) But all in all a success! SB will have something new and heavy to eat during those PE days when she complains her lunch is gone by recess.

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