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Oh my gas!, originally uploaded by marie and her dune buggy.

Dearest sweetheart,

I know it’s been eight years, and I know you’ve been eating an awful lot these days. I know you’re getting too big for your clothes (again!) and I know that when we sit down to dinner you are starting to actually look like you would fit in that chair….


Would you mind not doing it so fast?



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New succulents!, originally uploaded by marie and her dune buggy.

I love plants. Something about digging around in the dirt, potting and watching them grow calms me and helps me sort out my thoughts.

I grew up around plants, but it was only recently, when we moved here, that I discovered the exotic world of succulents. At first it was a love-hate relationship: I loved the plants and they hated me. The first ones I acquired I under/over-watered and they died a long, agonizing death.

Eventually , I mustered enough courage to try again. It’s summer, and the intense dryness seems to have made the succulents more receptive to my efforts. (Note to self: less water in winter!!!!)

Crassula commutata

Now, I’m hooked! I tremble whenever I see a new specie, as if my hands just want to grab it and start potting. Example, yesterday’s finds, above and below:

Plants in jail

While HB took his sweet time browsing the tools at the home store, I hovered around the plant stands and instantly became attached to these. For now they join the chubby succulents on the kitchen window sill, until I find the right pots for them.

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Sparrow, originally uploaded by marie and her dune buggy.

Last summer we moved into our new home. With the logistics and adjustments involved, no one paid attention to the garden. This summer, the birds are flocking in, hopping on the ground, on the bushes, and on the trellis outside our bedroom window. It assures me that I am doing something right, but it also means that the chili pepper bush will remain barren from all their plucking. I don’t think the HB will be enjoying any homegrown chili peppers this year.

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