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It starts out as a challenge; you and me against the world. We can do this! We are not like others. The separation is painful, but you are comforted by the knowledge that you are doing it for each other, that it is not forever. You take solace in the fact that somewhere, he feels the same way.

And for a while it is bittersweet bliss, until life, which waits for no one, takes over. Work, friends, bosses, mundane household logistics, family, they all demand attention. The choice is between mooning over an intangible relationship, or going out to live your life. For those who prefer to moon, it eventually reaches a painful point where a tangible distraction, any distraction, becomes welcome. And life wins again.

Eventually the phone calls, messages, chats become few and far between. Differing opinions and priorities become highlighted. Arguments and fights ensue. Temptations abound. You think about all the things you don’t like about your partner. You will yourself to put a stop to this nonsense and move on with your life.

Then you see each other again. You remember all the reasons why you want to stay. While you are together you are happy. Life is not perfect, but you are happy. Then before you know it, it is time to go. And you start the slow, painful cycle all over again, each time feeling that pain drive itself deeper into your heart and no end is in sight.

I came from a long distance relationship, and the length of time it lasted can largely be credited to my partner. I am more fortunate than most, in that sense, and also because I ended up marrying him. But I do not wish to go back to that awful place, where you are neither here nor there, just in between. And I worry about the future, because in this life that we (he and I) have chosen, the world has become smaller but distance is inevitable.


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Leftover soup

Leftover soup, originally uploaded by marie and her dune buggy.

I made soup from leftovers tonight because:

a.We had too much meat today.

b. I wanted to try out our new cookie cutters.

c. I had to clean out the refrigerator.

d. All of the above.

Chicken stock
1 large potato
2 carrots
ziti or other pasta
salt and pepper

I used the chicken stock I made from the bones of a previous baked chicken (boiled to smithereens with onions, garlic, peppercorns, and carrots, then frozen). From the freezer it went straight into the pot. The ziti had been left over from a previous pasta dish and the celery from the potato salad I made the day before. The potato, carrots and mushroom are staples in our pantry.

Haw haw de carabao:
When the stock boils, add the potatoes (which I shaped with the cookie cutters to entertain the Shnufflebubby), then the carrots, celery and mushrooms. Add more water as necessary. Add the pasta, season with salt and pepper. Rafa the Papa likes to add chili garlic sauce on soups like these, for some added oomph.

Yes, this is for you, Jamie.

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